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05 March - 17 June 2015

Private view 04 March 2015
Sasha Bowles, Rachel Busby, Nadine Feinson, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Susie Hamilton, Lee Maelzer, Rebecca Meanley, Sarah Pager, Mimei Thompson, Lexi Strauss, Isobel Wohl and Vicky Wright

Painting is unlike any other medium and perhaps one of the most challenging. One can circumnavigate a sculpture, gauge understanding and intent through the choice of material and relationship with its given space, but painting is a slippery being, demanding a different kind of attention from both artist and viewer. The articulation of paint to surface can manifest as a performative experience, but equally take the form of narrative references both to art historical appropriations, contemporary observations and personal histories. Painting comes with an inbuilt language of its own as well as a visual immediacy, and it is in this forensic dissection of the possibilities of painting that these twelve artists excel.

All of Day+Gluckman’s exhibitions develop from studio visits and resulting dialogues. Recent discussions about the point or act of commitment by an artist in creating a painting have informed this exhibition. For some artists this develops through observational drawings, storytelling, film, photography or sculptural maquettes; others challenge the medium through endless reworking, or an intense physical, emotional, gestural moment.

This exhibition presents a snapshot resulting from some of these discussions and includes works that interrogate the articulation of the gesture, the mark and the process itself through to the intimacy of the recorded moment.



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