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Advice on industry relations

Your relationship with other industry professionals is crucial to the smooth running of your business. Sometimes, you, or your Head Office, may make arrangements in a fairly informal fashion. There might only be an oral agreement. A written record of contractual terms is almost always advisable. Merely preparing this may help to identify areas that have been overlooked. Sometimes we assist by simply preparing a carefully worded letter that confirms an oral arrangement. The letter may be particularly useful if you are working in English but it is your second language.

Where a document has been prepared by your Head Office legal team in another country, we can identify expressions which may not be recognised in English law and also clarify English legal issues that may be unknown to your lawyers.

If you have a contract with a business or individual who becomes insolvent (for instance, a cargo agent), then you will need to be advised on the immediate steps that should be taken and how your position can best be protected. Our Insolvency and Corporate Recovery team can assist you.

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