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The increasing complexity of the aviation world has led to a greater need for well-prepared contractual documents that are specifically directed towards industry needs. Contracts may be required with road hauliers to take into account the relationship between the Warsaw Convention and CMR. Contracts are needed with handling agents, often imposing performance criteria and penalties. Where there is a joint venture with an handling agent then you will require advice on the structure. We may advise you to establish a separate company or alternatively to keep an existing company but to adapt the share arrangements and management features. Our guides Establishing a business in the UK and Directors Duties are likely to be relevant.

Your contractual relationship with tour operators is best put into writing so as to avoid uncertainties, to limit liability and to obtain any requisite indemnities.

Our Employment team provides advice on the preparation of employment contracts and on the legal complexities that often arise on termination.

On taking property whether freehold or leasehold, our Commercial Property team will identify the issues that arise, especially with on-airport properties, and prepare the necessary documentation.

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