High profile bankruptcy of struck-off insolvency practitioner – advising on all aspects of bankruptcy including realisation of foreign assets and untangling complex business affairs.

Value: £4m

Bankruptcy of a high net-worth individual involving issues of cross-border fraud. We have advised on complex creditor claims of fraud and misfeasance, pursuing domestic and overseas assets, and investigating multipleantecedent transactions.

Value: £20m 

High net worth bankruptcy where the principal asset was, until its sale, a substantial mixed use property in East London worth over  £3m. The bankrupt claims that the property was held by him subject to a trust, necessitating wide ranging enquiries in the UK and abroad to uncover evidence concerning the claim. The case has been marked by an unusually high number of applications and appeals by the bankrupt (including applications for judicial review) and the trustee has been obliged to seek a wide range of remedies including injunctive relief and the seizure of the business premises at the property using the court tipstaff.

Value: £1.2m (following repayment of the mortgagees).

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