Employment Law Training : Equal Opportunities and Discrimination Issues

10 Dec 2015

Discrimination claims against employers are often the most damaging in terms of financial cost and reputation. Unlike unfair dismissal claims, there is no financial cap on the level of damages which can be awarded to successful Claimants. With the recent reduction in the unfair dismissal cap, it is more likely that employees will consider lodging discrimination claims to try and maximise their damages.

This course is aimed to support both your existing HR staff and management’s understanding of equality issues. It can also help to provide you with a statutory defence. Using an interactive presentation and case study format we will be able to demonstrate the practical application of the guidance and increase staff confidence when handling such issues.

The course will cover discrimination issues in the following areas:

  • An overview of the Equality Act
  • Recruitment
  • Pregnancy and those returning from maternity leave
  • Reasonable adjustments for disabled employees
  • Employees on long-term sickness absence
  • Flexible working requests
  • Poor performance
  • Complaints and grievances

Our case scenarios are tailored to ensure that they are relevant to your workforce. They enable they practical guidance learnt on the course to be applied in practice by your staff, ensuring greater understanding and retention of the key issues.

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Recent feedback on our training course:

95% of attendees marked the usefulness of our training courses as “excellent”.

“I saw the Ops team in the evening on the Thursday and they were very very happy with the course ...  They were a) very appreciative about being there and b) understood and enjoyed the material you covered and the way it was run. It was money well spent!” - Shereen Daniels, Head of HR at Metropolitan Pub Company

"Clear, concise and practical. Well done!" - CEO of a professional services firm

Informative, useful and practical” - COO of an international hotel chain

"...…I thoroughly enjoyed the session and took away some new learning points and confirmed my knowledge in other areas. I felt the facilitators were very approachable, flexible and knowledgeable. I would recommend this workshop session.” - Manager at Addison Lee

Employment Law Training : Conducting Disciplinary, Grievance and Appeal Procedures


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