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Collyer Bristow Graduate Art Award 2017

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EXCEPTIONAL: Collyer Bristow hosts 2017 Graduate Art Exhibition and Award, showcasing contemporary talent

Emmanuelle Loiselle wins the Collyer Bristow Graduate Art Award selected by Whitechapel Gallery Director Iwona Blazwick

Emmanuelle, a graduate of City & Guilds of London Art School, received the Collyer Bristow Graduate Art Award of £2,000 from Iwona Blazwick at the opening of the Exceptional show on Tuesday 21 February.

Iwona also highly commended artists Lorraine Fossi, Kate Lennard, and Graham Murtough. All of these artists are graduates from City & Guilds of London Art School.

Emmanuelle LoiselleEmmanuelle Loiselle graduated from City & Guilds of London Art School in 2016 and has previously won the Chadwyck-Healey Prize for Painting, the Artichoke Prize for Printmaking and was selected for the Clyde and Co. Art Award (2016). Emmanuelle Loiselle’s multi-disciplinary work is deeply concerned with aspects of domesticity, and the challenges of motherhood. She has 2 works in the exhibition.

A delighted Emmanuelle says; “I am so honoured to have been selected for this exhibition and to be chosen by Iwona, who is such a respected and eminent figure in the art world. Many thanks to Collyer Bristow for supporting emerging artists it is very rare to receive such a generous opportunity and this is such a fantastic platform to show my work!”Winning work

Iwona Blazwick commented on Loiselle’s winning works, “With optical bravado Emmanuelle Loiselle moves easily between 2 and 3 Dimensions, immersing us in a world both abject and poetic.”

(Pictured above and right: Emmanuelle Loiselle and her winning artwork)

Exceptional, showcases emerging talent from 3 of London’s top art schools, Goldsmiths, Middlesex University and City & Guilds of London Art School. Students who have graduated during the last 3 years were invited to enter. Exceptional will be on show at the firm’s in-house art gallery, from 22nd February to 14th June.

All of the artworks in the exhibition are for sale:price list


The artists were selected by Collyer Bristow Gallery’s independent curator, Rosalind Davis, a graduate of the RCA, and the firm’s Gallery Committee. The 25 artists participating are:

Jonathan Armour, Diane Chappalley, Corinne Charton, Lorraine Fossi, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Caroline Jane Harris, Oliver Hickmet, Amanda Houchen, Benedict Hughes, Sarah Jenkins, Kate Lennard, Emmanuelle Loiselle, Alice McVicker, Amanda Mostrom, Graham Murtough, Louise Pallister, John Richert, Diane Rogan, Celia Scott, Flora Scrymgeour, Antonia Showering, Odilia Suanzes, Dina Varpahovsky, Fiona Wallace and Fouzia Zafar


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Rosalind Davis, comments: “It has been a fascinating process to select works from a wide range of new graduate artists and see the themes and concerns that resonate, overlap or are diverse in this illuminating snapshot.” Sarah Culshaw, partner at Collyer Bristow and Head of the Gallery Committee, says, “Collyer Bristow has been supporting and championing emerging artists for over twenty years. The Collyer Bristow Graduate Art Award was set up to celebrate the flair, inventiveness and originality of recent graduates today, and the exhibition as a whole gives graduates what is often their first experience of participating in a dynamic, professionally-curated exhibition in a major city.”

(Pictured above, artwork by: Celia Scott, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Oliver Hickmet, Diane Rogan)


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Rosalind Davis, the Collyer Bristow Gallery’s independent curator and graduate of the RCA, comments: “It can be difficult for new graduates to find a platform for their work, but the Award creates an environment where support is made available to emerging artists in the precarious initial years after graduation. It brings their work to new audiences, raising their profiles and helping them to create new professional networks.”

The Collyer Bristow Gallery hosted its first Graduate Award and exhibition in 2014, to allow graduates the opportunity to be part of a dynamic professionally curated exhibition in central London.

Winner of The Collyer Bristow Student Award 2014 was Middlesex graduate Chris Alton for his work 'English Disco Lovers'. The other participating artists selected that year were: Halgurd Baram, Steph Choy, Marcin Filip Cybulski, Sophia Freeman, Veronica de Giovanelli, Ekaterina Golubina, Trasi Henen, Kerri Jefferis, Yunsun Jung, India Mackie, Lucy Parnell, Laura Porter, Rebecca Powell, Alan Stanners, Kyungmin Son, Anya Thomas and Jany E Thomas.


Homepage image: Landscape Cappriccio after Xilitla by Alice McVickers (detail)

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