In The Future

InTheFuture banner 13June

Curated by Rosalind Davis

Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF

Artists: Arno Beck, George Bolster, Sasha Bowles, Karen David, Tim Ellis, Alex Evans, Geraint Evans, John Greenwood, Dan Hays, Marguerite Horner, Paula MacArthur, ​Ian Monroe, Kate Murdoch, Kitty Stirling, Alison Turnbull, Dina Varpahovsky, Rob Voerman, Jane Ward, ​Charlotte Warne Thomas and David Worthington.

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In the future men will be 'super masculine' and women will be 'ultra-feminine'

In the future the 'psychic arts' will be put to practical use

In the future all material items will be free

In the future everyone's house will be like a little fortress
In the future everyone's house will be a total entertainment centre

In the future TV will be so good that the printed word will function as an artform only
In the future no one will live in cities
In the future everyone will think about love all the time

In the future there will be groups of wild people, living in the wilderness
In the future people will live in space

In the future everyone will have their own style of way-out clothes…
In the future there will be so much going on that no one will be able to keep track of it…

In 1985 David Byrne wrote the song ‘In the Future’, that laid out propositions or perhaps prophesies about the future as he saw it then. The lyrics describe a future through a series of paradoxical statements that now seem strangely prescient in describing a complex reality where contradictory truths co-exist.

In the future there will be so much going on that no one will be able to keep track of it….

In an ever more frenetic and information saturated society the above line resonates, with our digital footprints emblazoned across numerous systems and the development of AI, our ghosts are left in  computers, phone or surveillance cameras, more information recorded than we could ever keep track of.

In this exhibition 20 artists seek to track and to trace, creating repositories of knowledge that look both forward and back, that address technology, organizational methods and information systems. Some choose to look at how we observe space, through sci-fi technologies or envision otherworldly species. 

Others investigate things, not so easily tracked and measured; our values or our memories, the material possessions that represent love and desire; the things we hope not to forget, and what we want to take with us, that make us who we are or what we want to hold onto in the future… 


Tim Ellis Optical Spectrum Hi res


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