Increase in the National Minimum Wage

01 Apr 2018

The National Living Wage (NLW), the minimum pay per hour for workers aged 25 and over, increased from £7.50 to £7.83 on 1 April 2018. This amounts to a 4.7% increase.

The National Minimum Wage (NMW), the minimum pay per hour workers aged under 25 are legally entitled to, has also increased. The rates are dependent on the worker’s age and whether they are on an apprenticeship scheme. 

  NMW previously NMW now
21-24 year olds £7.05 £7.38
18-20 year olds £5.60 £5.90
Under 18s £4.05 £4.20
Apprentices £3.50 £3.70

Paying workers in line with the NLW and NMW is a legal requirement for employers and failing to do so could result in them being fined and facing severe reputational damage.   


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