Royal engagement: Does Prince Harry need a prenup?

28 Nov 2017
  • Prenup “in the interests of both Harry and Meghan”
  • Trustees of royal wealth can be more generous knowing assets would not be lost in a divorce

Following the announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle, Toby Yerburgh, Partner and Head of the Family Team at Collyer Bristow, the leading private client law firm, says that a prenuptial agreement is vital to protect both the interests of the couple, and the Royal Family’s assets.

Collyer Bristow explains that a prenup would:

  • Prevent the assets of the Royal Family being lost in case of a divorce
  • Allow trustees to be more generous in advancing wealth to both Harry and Meghan with no strings attached – this wealth has been built up by the Royal Family over generations and is held in trusts

Says Toby Yerburgh: “In Prince Harry’s case, a prenuptial agreement is absolutely vital. It’s clearly in the best interests both of the Royal Family and Harry and Meghan themselves.”

“There will always be concerns that in case of any future divorce, royal assets could end up being lost. Any prenup will prevent that from happening.”

“But that isn’t the only reason for a prenup. Most of Harry’s wealth will be held in trusts, and the trustees will be likely to advance more of it to Harry and Meghan if they know that it will stay in the Royal Family for future generations.”

“This would benefit Meghan, given that her ability to work may be curtailed as royal duties take up more of her time. That is a significant change for someone who has been well-remunerated in her career to date.”

“A prenup doesn’t mean a lack of trust, a lack of love, or that your fiancé is already thinking about the possibility of divorce before you’re even married. A well-drafted prenup can actually strengthen a marriage, as potential issues are settled equitably before they have the chance to arise.”

“While Meghan obviously has no interest at all in royal assets, it is impossible to know what the future holds. Without a prenuptial agreement, if the couple were ever to get divorced, her lawyers would advise her to get as fair a settlement as possible.”

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