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Moving to the UK

When you move to the UK you will wish to obtain a visa, find accommodation and review your tax position. We provide a full-service to those moving to the UK across all of these areas.

We have advised clients moving to the UK from all around the world and are currently assisting increasing numbers of clients from growing economies such as Russia, Brazil, Turkey, North Africa and Asia. We have long experience advising US clients and those from continental Europe and the Commonwealth.

We will advise on your immigration options and assist with applications for visas, including Tier 1 Investor visas.

We can assist with acquiring your new home in the UK or obtaining rented accommodation with our dedicated residential property team.

We will also advise you on the tax consequences of moving to the UK and how you can arrange your affairs so that you minimise your tax liabilities, for example through the UK's well-known "non-dom" tax regime.

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