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Jeff Roberts receives Top Insolvency Lawyer award

16 Oct 2015

Manolete Partners PLC have named Collyer Bristow Partner Jeff Roberts as their Top Insolvency Lawyer.

At an awards ceremony in central London last week to commemorate Manolete’s first 100 cases, CEO Steven Cooklin said: “When things go wrong – as they do in every company – Jeff Roberts is the man that I call. Whether it’s Friday night, Sunday morning or first thing on Monday, Jeff sits up with me until the early hours and watches my back when the pressure is really on, which is why we recognised him as our top solicitor during our first 100 cases.”

Accepting the award, Jeff said that he felt “particularly honoured to be associated with Manolete who by their excellent work enable creditors to obtain returns from insolvent companies in this low asset value environment where otherwise they would be left with nothing, which would have an inevitable domino effect on our economy as a whole”

Collyer Bristow's highly experienced Insolvency and Corporate Recovery team is one of the leading specialist insolvency teams in the UK. With our wide range of disciplines throughout the practice, we are well-placed in the market to understand and provide assistance in most sectors including property, aviation, sport, music, media, entertainment, banking and financial services.

For further information, please click here to contact Jeff.

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