PRESS RELEASE: China Appeal Court upholds IP infringement claim in favour of UK force protection manufacturer, Hesco Bastion Limited

03 Dec 2015

Collyer Bristow’s IP team has succeeded in defeating an appeal in China brought by a local manufacturer, which had been held liable by the court of first instance for infringing the trade marks HESCO, CONCERTAINER and MIL owned by its client, Hesco Bastion Limited, the renowned manufacturer of force protection barriers. Working with local Counsel in Beijing, Hesco’s legal team persuaded the appeal court to reject all the grounds of appeal raised by the Defendant manufacturer, which included procedural as well as substantive infringement issues, and to uphold the first instance judgment in full. 

Tim Bamford, the partner acting for Hesco, said:

“This is an important development for Hesco in combatting the rise of competitors looking to enter the force protection market whilst seeking to benefit from the pre-eminent reputation my client has in this sector for its products sold under or by reference to its established trade marks. It demonstrates that effective action can be taken against those located in remote jurisdictions but who choose to use the Internet as their global shop window.”

Andrew Taylor, General Counsel of the Hesco Group, said:

“Hesco has an unrivalled global reputation, and its trade mark is registered across the world. Like many market leaders we have experienced copycats seeking to exploit our reputation by selling unauthorized products under our internationally established brand and this successful judgment is an important step in stopping infringers seeking to unlawfully use our trade marks.”



Tim Bamford, Partner, Collyer Bristow LLP. Telephone: (0)20 7468 7342




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