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Financial Services matters Update: Brexit Update

13 Jul 2016
The Collyer Bristow LLP review of financial disputes issues
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JULY 2016
One of the key areas likely to be affected by Brexit is the financial services industry. Although the full effects will not be known for months, if not years, the referendum result has already produced immediate concerns of FX derivative misselling claims and potential disputes arising from the suspension of trading in UK property funds.

Property Fund Suspensions

Over the past week or so several of the biggest UK property funds have closed the gates on investors attempting to withdraw their money following a sharp rise in redemption requests since the Brexit vote. This has led to a number of issues between funds and their investors. Some investors are unhappy because they are being prevented from moving their money out of the fund when they want to reduce exposure to UK Real Estate. Conversely, other investors are unhappy because, in their view, gates were not closed quickly enough to avoid the need to sell assets to pay out to those redeeming, resulting in a loss of value of their stake – avoiding such losses being the purpose of the gates sold as an “enhancement” to protect investors in times of market turmoil.

This gives rise to a number of legal questions about the contractual mechanisms relating to the suspension mechanisms, for example:
  • What can investors do to challenge the way in which the use of the gate mechanism has affected them?
  • Who decides when to close the gates and on what basis?
  • What duties are owed by the fund manager when deciding whether and when to close the gates and to whom?
  • How long should the gates remain closed and who decides when to reopen them and on what basis?
  • Have the assets been valued fairly and accurately when pricing redemptions?
  • What happens when the suspension is lifted? Can the fund revalue the assets to reflect a fire sale price and give investors the option to redeem at that level?
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