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Making a will

Before making a Will, you need to consider some of the following:- The nature and value of your assets. Who you consider to be the people you should benefit. The competing interests, perhaps, of a first and second family. Business interests - what would happen to your business if you died suddenly? Tax implications - how much tax would be payable and on whom would the liability fall? Whom you wish to appoint as executors to wind up your estate. Friends or charities you might wish to benefit. Would your children be financially protected if you died suddenly? Do you want to appoint guardians of your children? Don't forget to ask them. Do you have any particular wishes for your funeral arrangements? Do you want to donate organs, or allow your body to be used for medical purposes?

The Collyer Bristow Tax & Estate Planning team has extensive experience in preparing Wills that will meet your family's needs.

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