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Our Wills services

Whatever your circumstances there is a Collyer Bristow Will to meet your needs.

Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advance Decisions may also be desirable in case of incapacity.

Traditional Will Traditional

This Will has stood the test of time. "No strings" provision for wife/partner and children. Simple: Other than for minor children, this Will contains no ongoing trusts of any kind. Tax-efficient: Provided partners are married or in a civil partnership, there will be no inheritance tax to pay when the first partner dies.

Flexible Will Flexible

This Will allows for flexible provision for a surviving spouse by way of a lifetime trust. Protection: Capital is preserved for children and future generations. Multiple families: Ensures equitable apportionment of assets.

Individual Will Certainty

This Will is for those who are clear in mind as to the division of their assets and don't want to rely on the intestacy rules. Provision: Ensures the security of beneficiaries. Choice: Enables you to choose your beneficiaries, irrespective of their relationship to you.

Discretionary Will Trust

This Will devolves the ultimate decisions onto your chosen trustees. Privacy: Your wishes and intentions may be recorded in a separate memorandum, which never becomes public. Flexibility: The shape of the trust enables your trustees to deal with the changing circumstances of your chosen beneficiaries.

Generational Will Provision

This Will provides for minor beneficiaries. Dynastic planning: The trust structure enables trustees gradually to introduce children to financial responsibility. Flexibility: Capital is protected for future generations or until distributed in appropriate circumstances.

Bespoke Will Domicile

You may need advice as to inheritance tax planning if you hail from outside of the UK. Foreign property: Provision may be made to deal with non-UK residents. Particular circumstances: We should be happy to advise you if your personal situation necessitates more complex planning.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Attorneys: Lasting powers enable you to choose persons to act on your behalf if you cannot act for yourself.

Decisions: Decisions as to property and finances or health and welfare may be delegated by the appropriate forms of LPA.

Medical treatment: Alternatively, you may prefer to make your own decisions in advance.

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