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Our clients create trusts for succession planning, for asset protection and for tax reasons.

We help clients set up trusts and we give ongoing advice on trusts, both to beneficiaries and trustees.

Creating a trust structure

We advise on the process of setting up a trust, which includes designing the right structure for you, choosing the right jurisdiction, selecting trustees, drafting the documentation and project managing the implementation of the structure.

Understanding your rights

We advise beneficiaries on their rights - e.g. whether they are entitled to money from the trust, whether they are entitled to accounts, what they should do if they disagree with the trustees.

Assisting trustees

We advise trustees on their duties and how they should exercise them - perhaps finding a fine balance between two beneficiaries with competing interests. We give tax opinions. We also draft documents to help trustees implement their decisions and assist with specific transactions involving trust assets such as property acquisitions or corporate restructurings.

Trust disputes

Occasionally there are disputes between trustees and beneficiaries about the management of trusts. We have longstanding experience in helping resolve disputes.

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